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Sister to Sister International, Inc. (STSI) is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization that links women,  girls and families of African descent globally, to the resources that connect, advance and strengthen them. We do this through advocacy, education and the promotion of African culture. 


Developing healthy lifestyles is a cornerstone of the organization.  Our primary areas of focus include Health and Wellness, Education and Global Affairs.


To this end, we sponsor health symposia and campaigns, personal and professional development workshops and seminars; fundraisers to enable charitable contributions and student scholarships; global briefings; communications & academic enrichment programs for youth; publish periodic Newsletters and a Newsflash to promote advocacy and information sharing; dialogue with legislators on key issues affecting women and families; support UN conferences, network with women from all over the world and collaborate with partners to advance our causes.

the history
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Sister to Sister International, Inc. (STSI) was founded in 1994 as a family group and has since grown into a network of hundreds of women globally, from diverse backgrounds including grassroots, professionals, entrepreneurs, elected officials, students and activists from around the world.

Sister to Sister International, Inc, (STSI) is governed by a twenty-one member Board of Directors along with an International Advisory Board.


STSI implements its activities through volunteer committees and special programs, related to the organization’s mission, which are produced throughout the year. Members are the life force of the organization and are invited to attend quarterly membership meetings, along with signature events.


Sister to Sister International, Inc. (STSI) holds Special Consultative Status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council. STSI is affiliated with the Department of Public Information and collaborates with the World Health Organization on health campaigns.  We support the United Nations Platform for Action on Women and its objectives regarding Race and Gender Equality, Development and Peace, as well as the Sustainable Development Goals.



Cheryl Brannan

A seasoned professional with a “unique portfolio of skills,” now focuses on what she considers to be her “life’s work.” This includes serving as founder of Sister to Sister International, Inc. (STSI) a nonprofit organization established in 1994, to link women of African descent globally; as well as President of the Brannan Solutions Group, a multi-faceted consulting firm, specializing in the elimination of health disparities in communities of color; women’s empowerment, education and strategic management programs and initiatives.

Brannan holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from SUNY at Cortland and a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership from Mercy College, where she is an adjunct professor, in the Department of Business. She serves on several boards that promote the educational and professional advancement of women of color.


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"It is a humbling privilege to mentor and guide the next generation of women in leadership"