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McLaren's Age-Reversing Wellness Center

557 Main Street STE 201, New Rochelle, NY 10801


Health, Beauty & Spa Services

About the Company:

At McLaren’s Age Reversing Wellness Center, we function within the ecclesiastical law, and our primary focus, as it pertains to well-being, is to help our members identify imbalances in their body systems, ranging from very mild to extreme cases. We do not diagnose or treat diseases, but we try to identify the root cause of their deepest health issues, so they can address it with the right protocol and lifestyle as per the Bible (Genesis 1:29-30). Sharing of information and education are strongly emphasized; as it is through these portals that anyone can be reminded that they have the tools in their homes and the efficiency or efficacy of their immune systems to detoxify and strengthen biology to self-repair.

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