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Nettie's Knowledge

1343 Harrod Ave Bronx NY 10472


Business & Career Services

About the Company:

Nettie’s Knowledge is a multifaceted organization that offers services for children and adults. Our services includes Business Consultation, Certified Yoga Instruction, Organization Services, Childcare, Tutoring and Test Prep. Nettie’s Knowledge provides an individualized unique experience where we support and/or challenge individuals to the point where they become independent thinkers and learners. Knowledge is everlasting and generational We believe the more you know, the more you grow!

Nettie’s Knowledge includes a multipurpose paraben free product line that can treat problems from head to toe. With antioxidant and antibacterial ingredients like, aloe vera, and Eco-friendly container, our product benefit your hair, skin and environment.

About Company Owner:


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