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The Ambitious Soul

75 South Broadway 4th Floor White Plains, NY 10601


Business/Marketing Services

About the Company:

With over 20 years of corporate business, consulting, project management, and marketing expertise, we are currently assisting businesses to convert their conferences, luncheons, and award ceremonies into virtual events by leveraging digital solutions. In light of COVID-19, marketing and a digital footprint has become an essential part of the business. We provide strong graphics and effective business methods to help the business to embrace and benefit from the solutions offered by digital platforms.
With business growth and evolution in mind, we not only provide our clients with knowledge and expertise, but we take pride in executing projects onetime and on budget.​

Who We Work With

Startups, not for profits, minority-owned businesses, and companies looking to take their business to the next step, increase marketing efforts, and implement strategies that reach diverse markets.​

About Company Owner:


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